Plaza Service Center Inc began as the Plaza Shell gas station below the Rt. 68 overpass on Rt.5 in Wallingford, CT. The owner, Tim Clark, opened the business in 1990 and was the only employee. He was the mechanic, tow truck driver, gas pump operator, owner and operator. He purchased a 1978 Ford Wrecker to which he later added a wheel lift. He painted it himself and maintained it through the years in the 3-bay building.

Tim juggled the work himself until the business began to grow. He began hiring technicians, tow truck drivers, and gas pump attendants. Over the next 8 years, the business outgrew the building, and we were forced to move. In July of 1998, we moved the business down the road and into another, larger building. At that time, we changed the business name to Plaza Service Center, Inc.